Tagging in Vegas

The 8th IA Summit closed down yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year FaceTag was part of the Research Track and our man on a tagging mission, Emanuele Quintarelli, was appointed Chief Evangelist Maximum and sent there to tell the more-than-800-IAs crowd what's all this top-down bottom-up affair.

Of CMS and WYSIWYG editors

Should writers and contributors using CMS have a say in how a web site renders text and paragraphs?
Opinions differ. I consider this a much tougher question than it seems at first, even in these times of UX and Rich Internet Applications.

Implementing Facets in Drupal

Take a peek at the forums at Drupal's website and you are granted a first hand experience on the actual meaning of infoglut: the pages host the official documentation and the most popular forums and so much information is available on so many interweaving topics you have a really hard time finding out what's relevant for you.

The 1st Italian IA Summit

We did it. Although it rained all of the time, which was somewhat unstereotypical for Rome (What? No sun? You must be kidding) and the direct cause for quite a riot in the one and only bar in sight at lunch-break, information architects from all over Italy gathered at the CNR building to turn the first Italian IA Summit into a success.

Peter Boersma opened up with the official keynote around 9.30 am after a brief introduction by the man himself, Emanuele Quintarelli, the guy who made it possible (albeit with a little help from his friends, namely, at least, Luca Rosati).


Abulafia è un progetto per un sistema di content management basato su topic maps, strutturato per gestire basi documentali di tipo storico-giuridico e consentire un accesso semantico alle informazioni.
My Dad's portable Underwood

Big rock small rock

Information architecture, way-finding, user experience, and design.

Usability banzai

Title says it all. The Takeshi's Castle of web site usability

Life in the tech lane

I used to be a sysadmin, and I still rsync now and then.

Daglig Svenska

The undersea adventures of getting settled in Sweden. Just details from a very small picture.