The 1st Italian IA Summit

We did it. Although it rained all of the time, which was somewhat unstereotypical for Rome (What? No sun? You must be kidding) and the direct cause for quite a riot in the one and only bar in sight at lunch-break, information architects from all over Italy gathered at the CNR building to turn the first Italian IA Summit into a success.

Peter Boersma opened up with the official keynote around 9.30 am after a brief introduction by the man himself, Emanuele Quintarelli, the guy who made it possible (albeit with a little help from his friends, namely, at least, Luca Rosati).

Luca Mascaro closed it up around 7 pm, after a day long ride which touched classification (hyerarchies, facets, card sorting, topic maps, you name it), user experience, user interaction, tagging, didactics, case studies, experimental works.

The Summit web site has been updated, and you can find a wiki on the conference there and flick'r feeds from those savy enough to bring real cameras with them. Unofficial numbers tell of roughly 300 attendees showing up of over 500 hundred subscribed. For a first-time free event, I call it an incredible eye-opener.
Me, I'm taking notes for next year: first and foremost, a phone is not a camera; second, there's a vibrant community out there. Good to know. Now back to trying to turn my sketches and briefs into comprehensible comments I can share.

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