Making (mobile) movies

Since my old Nokia fell to pieces Bluesmobile-style two weeks ago, I had to find a replacement phone. Bad news for me, as I'm not that much into this stuff, and I'm not a gadget-dependant kind of person. Phones, PDAs, smartphones, not my stuff. I've never been able to actually use the damn things for serious work, even when in 2002 exea decided that everyone had to use the Zaurus, a full-Linux PDA which at the time was like total sci-fi.

OMG, Jaunty ate my Hauwei

Since I didn't have that much time to build everything from scratch anymore, I ditched Gentoo on my laptop some two years ago and I've been a Ubuntu user ever since. A satisfied Ubuntu user. I actually first installed the thing when Funky Flounder was around (or whatever the F name was at the time), and just upgraded to Gutsy, Hasty, and Irky (or whatever those names were) virtually hassle-free.

Highly contextual SPAM

Just filed this away in my junk folder (yes, I usually take a look once in a while):

From: USANews
Subj: McCain want to stop Obama

McCain Lawyer Impeach Obama!
McCain has reached an agreement with the Obama lawyers that makes Obama resignation effective November 11.
Barack Obama can lost President's Chair.
McCain video report 7 November:

I miss my Nigerian diplomat. At least he just promised heaps of money.

Fetch 'em the Geeky Way

Now suppose you found a web page that is really a pageful of links, say some PDFs.
A sharing soul decided to offer some documents off her web site, so these are nicely embedded in the (X)HTML code. They could be interesting, even helpful, but you have that gut reaction that clicking through each and every one of them is not an option.

MX Backups and MTAs

Now, I know that backup MXes (or is that MX backups?) have become somewhat questionable in the eyes of many a mail administrator, mostly because it seems quite unlikely today that a primary MX can be allowed to stay offline for more than say 24 straight hours.
After all, they do have someone doing IT there, don't they?
And I couldn't agree more, but you know, some businesses still like to think along the blessed lines of better safe then sorry and not my fault, so, as a consequence, I recently had to install and configure a backup MX server.

My Dad's portable Underwood

Big rock small rock

Information architecture, way-finding, user experience, and design.

Usability banzai

Title says it all. The Takeshi's Castle of web site usability

Life in the tech lane

I used to be a sysadmin, and I still rsync now and then.

Daglig Svenska

The undersea adventures of getting settled in Sweden. Just details from a very small picture.