Marrying the proper way

We just got news that friends of friends are getting married in the Winter.

She's local, meaning from Småland, he's from up North, some remote small town up in Norrbotten.
Of course this is enough to qualify him as kind of weird, or different, or 'else', when it gets down to chitchatting in front of a cup of coffee. It's definitely a small world if we talk stereotypes. Anyway, Per-Herik, or Pelle as the nicknaming goes, seems to be an amazing nice guy, as we never hear about him. In Swedish-speak, this is actually a sign that he's awesome. Nothing bad to say.

We barely know Malin, the future bride, so of course we ask our friends about dates, place, and all, in typical Italian fashion. Is this going to be soon?
The answer comes as 'well, no, they are not marrying this Winter, they are going to marry next one, probably in January'. Meaning 2011. 'You know, because of the church.'

Hm. Ok. We know Swedes are marathon planners, but this sounded ridiculous. Some remote place up there in the vast expanses of Norra Sverige, and you cannot find one single available slot in the church in like three months? And why not move it to the Spring then?

'Oh no, they are not doing that because of some busy church schedule, you see' we are told. 'It's that Pelle is going to build the church. As a gift to the bride. All by himself. And with blocks of ice. So it needs to be Winter, and he needs one to test out his design. You know, see if it stands.'

Well, makes a lot of sense. Congratulations guys, and send a picture.

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