Minima Typographica

Oh man.
What were they thinking when they had this designed?

As a matter of fact this is a quick shot (taken running for a train, so I think I can plead guilty with an explanation for the sheer unfocusness of the picture) of the new Trenitalia1 timetable.
This is a sheet of paper roughly the size of a small table2 you usually find exposed on walls3 in Italian stations, detailing daily departures. A similar one details arrivals.

What you can see on the left is the corner of my newspaper, for comparison.

Talk about small fonts

So: you are in a railway station, more than often you may be in a hurry, or you use the train seldom, have eye issues, language problems, and you have to read through this to find your train and track?

Oh man.

  • 1. This is the Italian Railway Company
  • 2. Should be A0 (841mm x 1189mm), but I could be wrong on this
  • 3. They seem to thrive in quite unusual or very crowded, narrow places
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