Motorcycle hit by flying elk

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An unusual traffic accident occurred on the E18 highway between Årjäng and Töcksfors in western Sweden late Thursday night when a motorcycle collided with an airborne elk.
A man and a woman in their twenties were riding the motorcycle at the time, following a long-haul truck.
Suddenly an elk rushed out into the road and the truck driver slammed on the brakes.
The driver of the motorcycle swerved to avoid hitting the truck, only to then collide with the elk which came flying through the air after having been hit by the truck. Both the man and the woman were taken to hospital with serious internal injuries and fractures.
There was no report on the condition of the elk.

Word of the day
Älg, elk, moose. Plenty of them around, and nothing funny about them if they decide to unexpectedly cross the road you are driving on. Seen a couple of them on patches of green just out of the woods close to our road, and they are huge. As our Swedish friends like to remind us, one of the basic skills you learn at driving school (that's övningskör) around here is to ability to discriminate where you steer and brake and when you just keep going.

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