Apartments across the lawn
Circles of women, all of them black-dressed, all of them wrapped-up in veils. Chatting and smoking and drinking from huge thermos. All at the same time.
It's a hot day, rugs and tapestries have been taken out to breath some fresh air. An ordered line over the wooden frames that encircle the benches and tables, they start out persian and kilim and end up ikean, in the traditional swedish striping.

Syncretism is a major step towards integration, it seems.

My Dad's portable Underwood

Big rock small rock

Information architecture, way-finding, user experience, and design.

Usability banzai

Title says it all. The Takeshi's Castle of web site usability

Life in the tech lane

I used to be a sysadmin, and I still rsync now and then.

Daglig Svenska

The undersea adventures of getting settled in Sweden. Just details from a very small picture.