Talk about singing

Måndag, Tirsdag, Onsdag, Törsdag, Fredag är vi här
Lördag, Sondag hemma
Lördag, Sondag hemma

(Daughter brought this song home from school. Repeat ad nauseam)

Word(s) of the day

The days of the week, of course. The song simply states that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we are here (meaning at school), Saturday and Sunday home. I'm not sure this song is widely known, used, sung, or if it's some local teacher going musical, but I'm pretty sure it works, as we are just singing it all of the time. More than I would like to.

My Dad's portable Underwood

Big rock small rock

Information architecture, way-finding, user experience, and design.

Usability banzai

Title says it all. The Takeshi's Castle of web site usability

Life in the tech lane

I used to be a sysadmin, and I still rsync now and then.

Daglig Svenska

The undersea adventures of getting settled in Sweden. Just details from a very small picture.