Get in Touch!

The best way to get in touch is by e-mail: I usually check my mailbox(es) regularly, and asinchronicity helps.
If you need to send me something large (that is, anything that usually gets measured in MBs) and I don't know you, please send a warning e-mail to notify me first so I know what to expect. You can find me at:

[personal email] andrea dot resmini at gmail dot com
[university email] andrea dot resmini at hb dot se
[work email] ar at fatdux dot com

Now, in case you really are in a hurry and out of computers or devices (well, not if you are using Skype, but never mind then and check below), I concede a phone may get handy. If you do not mind hitting a busy line sometimes, you can try:

[work phone, Sweden] +46 (0)73 0771842

Last, if you are the technical geeky, chatty type, instant messaging could also be up to the task, although I usually tend to forget logging in to my accounts. Worth a try, anyway. To IM me, search preferrably on Skype or Jabber for:

instant messaging
[skype] andrea.resmini (or search Andrea Resmini)
[jabber] vector at jabber dot org

If all fails, either draw you conclusions and dismiss me or try again. Maybe switch approach. Just keep in mind I probably didn't ignore you on purpose (and if I did, you'd know and wouldn't even bother calling in, would you?).

Dial 800-RACCOON

Personal Address

Poseidonvägen 26
554 38 Jönköping (SE)

Via Carboni 2
43123 Parma (IT)

Work Address

Högskolan i Borås
Allégatan 1
Borås (SE)

Strandøre 15
København (DK)

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