It is not doujinshi if it is just a copy; the artist must make a contribution to the art he copies, by transforming it either subtly or significantly. A doujinshi comic can thus take a mainstream comic and develop it differently — with a different story line. Or the comic can keep the character in character but change its look slightly. There is no formula for what makes the doujinshi sufficiently "different" But they must be different if they are to be considered true doujinshi.

Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture


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I was just leaked an anticipation on the upcoming OBS 2.0 (YES!).
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A blog-like diary of a 6-week online class experience for an Internet law certification course which proved to be both interesting and entertaining. That is, if you could get away with that american laywer attitude that went with the textbooks.


Nell'inverno del 1898, il professor Jean-Pierre Torvalds dell'Università di Leiden si trasferisce alle isole Lofoten nel Nordland norvegese per studiare e documentare le abitudini migratorie dei capodogli.


Pretty cyber, hu?

Jeremiah Walker è un hacker. È un hacker con una missione e poco tempo per portarla a termine.
L'avete già vista e sentita qualche migliaio di volte: cyberpunch.

This is the place where I get creative. Or plain silly, you decide. But anyway, I get creative with a slant, as I have a penchant for being kind of a copycat. Since I can remember having a pencil in my hand I've been drawing and writing a lot, first in Italian (Broken Italian, that is) and then in my own variant of English (Broken English, it's called). What I came to understand is that most of what I write or do is some kind of reaction writing, of what-if writing. What if someone legally prevented the Wachoskys from shooting Reloaded and Revolutions? What if Tarantino decided to write the next Wolverine graphic novel? What if Verne had a penchant for cyberpunk?
I thought that doujinshi, the way Lessig presents it in its inspiring book Free Culture at least, is the perfect way to describe the piéces you'll find over here, as even when they will seem to be the most original, I know they really are nothing but a what if with consequences.