Teaching Systems

Teaching Systems

The draft version of a working paper me and Bertil Carlsson have written for the Relating Systems Thinking & Design 2013 conference in Oslo, October 2013. While information is becoming pervasive, and products and services are becoming parts of larger systems, many of which participating into emergent, complex information-based ecosystems where actors are co-producers and where relationships between elements, channels and touchpoints are messy and non-linear, within the area of informatics and information systems we still teach management and design as if they were linear. Could we try something different? How would that work and what results could it produce in terms of both learning outcomes and student satisfaction? This paper details the approach we followed and the early results we achieved in introducing business and informatics students to entrepreneurship and innovation through a holistic approach in the 2-year Master in IT, Management and Innovation at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), in Jönköping, Sweden.

Marrying the proper way

We just got news that friends of friends are getting married in the Winter.

She's local, meaning from Småland, he's from up North, some remote small town up in Norrbotten.
Of course this is enough to qualify him as kind of weird, or different, or 'else', when it gets down to chitchatting in front of a cup of coffee. It's definitely a small world if we talk stereotypes. Anyway, Per-Herik, or Pelle as the nicknaming goes, seems to be an amazing nice guy, as we never hear about him. In Swedish-speak, this is actually a sign that he's awesome. Nothing bad to say.

Deteriorating conditions

From The Local (http://www.thelocal.se/):

Authorities also feared for the life of a third man whose girlfriend reported him missing in the waters around Stockholm.
He eventually returned home in good health after a secret trip to Spain, though his condition may have deteriorated after his girlfriend got her hands on him.


Apartments across the lawn
Circles of women, all of them black-dressed, all of them wrapped-up in veils. Chatting and smoking and drinking from huge thermos. All at the same time.
It's a hot day, rugs and tapestries have been taken out to breath some fresh air. An ordered line over the wooden frames that encircle the benches and tables, they start out persian and kilim and end up ikean, in the traditional swedish striping.

Syncretism is a major step towards integration, it seems.

Motorcycle hit by flying elk

From The Local (www.thelocal.se):

An unusual traffic accident occurred on the E18 highway between Årjäng and Töcksfors in western Sweden late Thursday night when a motorcycle collided with an airborne elk.
A man and a woman in their twenties were riding the motorcycle at the time, following a long-haul truck.
Suddenly an elk rushed out into the road and the truck driver slammed on the brakes.