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This is a much needed reimagination of my previous personal website, which carried the torch for almost 12 years (12 years. Hard to believe it's been that much) without many changes to either its architecture or its visual design. I must confess that witnessing its inevitable descent from the “cool website” part of the spectrum to the “sucks-big-time website” abyss that awaits on the other side was a strangely fascinating experience. As Tom Waits says, “everything goes to hell, anyway”, and while you can certainly learn a lot in the process, I didn't let things go waltzing into Mordor on purpose. What happened was that, as with every respectable cobbler in the history of cobbling, my own child was shoeless while I happily contributed my time and skills to other projects, all the time reassuring myself that a complete redesign was just around the corner. I just needed a couple of hours more. Yep. Just you wait and see.

You have the result of the realization this was clearly self-delusional and going nowhere right in front of you. And you seeing this, man that's a huge plus in my book. On the minus side, the process of listing, vetting, editing where necessary, and then moving a sizeable number of articles over here will take some time, so I focused on relevant and necessary first. This means there will be fewer articles for a while, but fewer is still better than none.
You'll also find an incomplete list of articles I intend to carry over from the old website at the bottom of the page. Expect them to pop up in here in a few weeks to a few months, and expect substantial changes to the structure of this page as well. For what is worth, I'm planning to follow the timeline outlined below, but no promises.

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The ethics and politics of information architecture

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The Seduction of Semantics and the Third Wave

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Pervasive IA Workshop

Workshoppe a la Parisienne

The IA Happy Cab 2-3

Big rock, small rock, and chorizo sausage :: gjort är gjort
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