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In the past 8 years I have created or helped create academic programs at the graduate and undergraduate level, courses at the graduate and post-graduate level, and I have been the program director for the Master’s in Information Architecture and Innovation at Jönköping International Business School. I also taught a number of courses in a number of different programs, on topics of game design, information architecture, systemic design, interaction design, user experience, user research, information strategy and project management. I also regularly teach or facilitate workshops on co-design and design for business for both academic and professional audiences.

If you’d want to have me facilitate or organize a workshop, drop me a line at talk at andrearesmini dot com or ping me on Twitter.

This is a selected short list of workshops run in academic or professional contexts for which I was either an organizer, a facilitator, or both. They do not include workshops conducted as part of running academic projects.


On February 4th 2020, I'll be facilitating Rules! Drama! Space!, a workshop on what designers can learn from game design, at Interaction20 in Milan, Italy.

Workshop at the XIII Italian IA Summit

Card sorting workshop at the XIII Italian IA Summit in Bologna, Italy

Selected workshops

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