The Architecture of Information

"Flight 94, 9/11 Memorial"

The Swiss-French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, that we better know as Le Corbusier, wrote “Vers une architecture” in 1923. The book, soon to become one of the most successful and controversial pamphlet in the history of architecture and the manifesto of Modernism, was mostly a collection of essays and articles coauthored with purist painter and personal friend Amédée Ozenfant and originally published on their cubist periodical L’Esprit nouveau. At its core, it was a passionate call to architects to embrace the machine-inspired beauty of modernity and turn it into a novel idea of architecture.

Teaching Systems

Teaching Systems

The draft version of a working paper me and Bertil Carlsson have written for the Relating Systems Thinking & Design 2013 conference in Oslo, October 2013. While information is becoming pervasive, and products and services are becoming parts of larger systems, many of which participating into emergent, complex information-based ecosystems where actors are co-producers and where relationships between elements, channels and touchpoints are messy and non-linear, within the area of informatics and information systems we still teach management and design as if they were linear. Could we try something different? How would that work and what results could it produce in terms of both learning outcomes and student satisfaction? This paper details the approach we followed and the early results we achieved in introducing business and informatics students to entrepreneurship and innovation through a holistic approach in the 2-year Master in IT, Management and Innovation at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), in Jönköping, Sweden.

Placemaking 101

Fractal branches, Hjö

A while ago I promised a brief list of resources on space, place and place-making to friends and students.
It took a while, I concede, but here it is. I decided to start with books first, and leave interesting articles and papers for another round. Books are much more reader-friendly, and some of the stuff is thick.

Sketching Intent Paths

Lighthouse at Rubjerg Mile, Denmark

If you work on cross-channel user experience right now, one of the trickiest questions you might get asked is how do you communicate the change in scope to both stakeholders and the design team. What deliverables you use, and how do you structure them. Here's a few comments on one of the most intriguing ideas around, Dan Willis's (@uxcrank) intent paths.

The Journal of IA

I'm one of the founders and now one of the Associate Editors of the Journal of Information Architecture, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal run by REG-iA and sponsored by the Information Architecture Institute and Copenhagen Business School. The Journal wants to facilitate the systematic development of a scientific body of knowledge in the field of information architecture, and Issue 1, Vol. 3, Spring 2011, is out »


Hi there, I am Andrea Resmini.
I'm an information architect and a teacher and researcher at JIBS. This is my place on the Web. It's been going for years, but I'm still painting the walls, refitting a couple of rooms, and moving things around, so the place is rough around the edges and messier than it should be, but be my guest and have a peek at some of the stuff I think and do. I'll go brew some coffee meanwhile. Grab a chair!

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Pervasive Information Architecture

Pervasive Information Architecture is out. Get it at Amazon or download Chapter 3, Heuristics for a Pervasive Information Architecture

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