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Workshop at the XIII Italian IA Summit

Card sorting workshop at the XIII Italian IA Summit in Bologna, Italy

In the past 8 years I have created or helped create academic programs at the graduate and undergraduate level, courses at the graduate and post-graduate level, and I have been the program director for the Master’s in Information Architecture and Innovation at Jönköping International Business School. I also taught a number of courses in a number of different programs, on topics of game design, information architecture, systemic design, interaction design, user experience, user research, information strategy and project management. I also regularly teach or facilitate workshops on co-design and design for business for both academic and professional audiences.

If you’d want to have me facilitate or organize a workshop, drop me a line at talk at andrearesmini dot com or ping me on Twitter.

This is a selected short list of workshops run in academic or professional contexts for which I was either an organizer, a facilitator, or both. They do not include workshops conducted as part of running academic projects.

Selected workshops

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