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Scribblings & musings

This page will be in constant flux. There’s a sizable number of old articles, musings, and notes that need listing, vetting, editing where necessary, and then moving. And then there’s new materials, ideas, and projects piling up. So come back now and then, and just bear with me.

Classical to contemporary information architecture

A reworking of the original draft of a chapter I wrote for the 2021 “Advances in Information Architecture” book. It discusses the ongoing evolution of information architecture in terms of a shift — under the pressure of social and technological change — from the “classical” information architecture of the 1990s and early 2000s to a “contemporary” information architecture

The Design Games Framework

A condensed abstract of the introduction to the Design Games Framework I shared at the beginning of my workshop “Rules! Drama! Space! A design games approach to exploring experiences” at UXLX 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The end of the world as we know it

Against form follows function

Systems thinking 101

Game design 101

Placemaking 101

The architecture of cross-channel ecosystems

The architecture of information

A conversation on the architecture of information

Information architecture for ubiquitous ecologies

Architect and architecture

It’s pitch black. You’re likely to be eaten by a grue

The full text of my closing keynote at World IA Day 2014 Bristol and the first time that the formal, dramatic, and spatial element sets were formally discussed outside of a classroom. For more on what was to follow, take a look at The Design Games Framework

Teaching systems

Sketching intent paths

What is cross-channel

Future, unprofessional

A wheelbarrow of (PPT) slides

Horse ebooks and the death of music

Of patterns and structures

Persons not numbers

The IA Happy Cab Part I and Part II (7th anniversary)

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